Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'll traverse all the barriers
And deploy every trick
Tune my emotions
To hear your heart tick
I'll meet other faces
And learn all the skills
Then fill your cup up
As everything spills
To live is to suffer
I guess that's a fact
Impulsive reactions
Patience, we lack
No matter the noise
That distracts your sadness
I'll create them for you
Amidst all the madness
Organic scenes
With the strangest behaviors
Living together
In a state of disfavor
Footprints embed
The green of her skin
Like cancer, we are
Original sin
Clouds start to gather
And feast on her
Sun shines through
With the heaviest stare
She'll shake us off
Like we're the invader
Mechanical scenes
Don't leave room for nature

Friday, February 4, 2011


Serene and so calm
But looks can deceive
I can see through
These shams that you weave
Internal conflicts
You place out of sight
I wonder when you'll
Exhibit your might
Coarse on the outer
But warm on the inner
Things sure heat up
When your shields become thinner
And now you paint
The sky with your blood
You've given in
To the domestic flood

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A little banana
Sitting next to me
Was there since
My first memory
Though a little distant
From the start
This little banana
Soon found my heart
Now my banana
Seems so far away
Now my days are
All turning gray
But no matter what
I'll never forget
The little banana
I had once met

Shades of Gray

Nothing more
Than what you see
Clouds in the sky
Leaves on a tree
Hidden beauty
Hard to miss
But do you care?
It isn't always
Black and white
There's shades of gray
Within my sight
Something more
Than what I see
These hidden beauties
Set me free

Dear _____,

You opened my eyes
And showed me the way
New types of beauty
New shades of gray
You taught me some lessons
That I won't forget
My cup is half full
My clothes are not wet
You gave me some problems
But nothing is free
Now I'll live life
According to me
You'll see me again
I promise you this
Cause your part of my past
And I do reminisce

Memories of Love

Can't see at all
Though I can sure feel
Echoes of what
I tried to conceal
Flickers of light
Sometimes reflect
Just to remind me
Of when I had wrecked
The cave I dwell in
Is forever changed
Because of you
I'm not too deranged
But the echoes live on
Perhaps for all time
But why should I care
For nickels and dimes